See what Copperpeacer’s are saying…

I get these straps as gifts all of the time and musicians LOVE them. Incredibly well crafted and designed. These straps look really luxe (as luxe as a guitar strap can be at least.) The packaging is awesome and I love telling people about the story behind the brand. Highly recommended.
This strap is absolutely perfect. Wonderfully made with quality leather and the coloring is gorgeous. I’m so happy I bought this strap- much more reliable/sturdy than the one I had previously been using.
I purchased this as a Christmas gift for my daughter. I am so happy I did she loves the versatility and how unique it is like her.
Bought a Copperpeace strap for my 17 yr old son for Christmas- he absolutely loved it! Very well made excellent quality AND made in the USA.. Money well spent.
I bought a banjo strap for my wife for our third wedding anniversary. She is extremely happy with it. It is excellent craftsmanship and high quality leather. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a high quality banjo strap.
I ordered this strap to go along with my new Custom Tele. Couldn’t think of a more perfect strap to go with it. It’s comfortable it’s stylish it’s MADE IN USA! And the pick holder is a life saver. One of those ideas that you didn’t think you needed till someone put it on there. And I’m so glad that they did.