USA Goods made for a Lifetime & Musicians Lifestyle

Heirloom quality accessories that last a generation...

Copperpeace specializes in leather guitar straps, banjo straps & bags. Each piece is ever so unique, awaiting the story and life you will bestow upon it.

Your guitar deserves it. 

Your music deserves it.

You deserve it.

Music becomes history.  It enhances our lives and reflects our ever-evolving societies, transcending all language and culture.

Our Goal is to Help You Look and Feel Amazing, while doing What You Love.

Peace can be found in Music. Peace can be created through music. We believe in you. Join Copperpeace on our mission to spread Peace. 

Copperpeace is a proud member of Seattle Made organization. We collaborate with domestic urban & rural manufacturing initiatives.

CP products are entirely USA made, currently produced between California, the Midwest and the Pacific Northwest. We take pride in strong partnerships with talented artisans and independent purveyors who strengthen our local living economies, work in healthy environments, and care about happy customers.  

Copperpeace collaborates with the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus + Seattle Made Organization among various other non-profits to Support our CP Initiatives including Music and Arts Education, Supporting Local Business' and Manufacturing, Teaching Peaceful Communication Skills to our Youth.

Beginnings: Copperpeace was conceptualized in 2006 by founder & designer J.Lynn…

J.Lynn in Seattle, Washington; Photo by Chris Hershman

“Both music and fashion have the power to transcend plus unite all languages, cultures, genders and beliefs”

-Copperpeace Founder, J. Lynn // Photographed in Seattle, Washington by Chris Hershman

2006:It was her final year of Film School in North Carolina, when J.Lynn acquired a vintage banjo from a radio yard sale. Inspired by Old Crow and Avett Brothers shows, J. took up the banjo and made her the first Copperpeace strap to hold it up. That one strap attracted the first orders from fellow musicians around town.

2007: Following graduation, and a relocation to Los Angeles, J. launched an entertainment career at NBC Universal in the page program. Working in artist and guest relations for The Jay Leno Show, Ellen and Late Night with Carson Daly plus attending regular concerts at The Viper Room, Satellite, Roxy and Echo, J. was in disbelief of the lack of cool guitar straps. Thus she was inspired to start crafting them again for folks in the LA indie music scene.

2008: After witnessing a terrible writers strike and turned off by corporate politics, J.Lynn decided to pursue her entrepreneurial passions and began apprenticing in an East LA leather shop to gather some hands-on experience with her strap-making craft. It was the first time she could begin to make her elaborate design visions realities.

Cut to 2009: Copperpeace hosts an official Launch Party in collaboration with the Beverly Hills Gibson Guitar Showroom on January 9th. The debut Copperpeace collection of guitar straps (made in downtown Los Angeles) is released and carried by stores. Within the year, both Katy Perry and Weezer don Copperpeace straps on tour.


Since 2009, Copperpeace straps have been worn by an impressive roster of artists across the globe.  We've shipped to every continent (except Antartica).  There are Copperpeacer's who own over thirty of our straps and counting!  Some CP Limited Editions that have become collectors items--collectible straps!?  It's true. 

We're amazed by our customers and hope Copperpeace can help you rock out in style.  

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